HAAS Replacement Parts


Are you in need of replacement parts for a HAAS CNC machine repair? Toronto Gear Works has been manufacturing HAAS parts for several years and looks forward to continued production of high-quality machine replacement products. 




We understand that service repair companies operate nonstop, so we provide stock and custom parts that allow you to inspect, install, and move on to your next solution. Toronto Gear Works is located in Toronto, Canada with our parent company in La Porte, IN and a warehouse in Dallas, TX; we position our business near you so that your repairs can be done more quickly.




Toronto Gear Works parts for machine repairs on CNC lathes, mills, drives, EDM, and more. CNC machine repair and maintenance, from rebuilds to full or simple reconditioning, is an investment to a company's future productivity and success. Our products allow for easy access and ability to replace faulty components and proactively change parts known to frequently fail. This provides you with quality, dependable products available when inspecting machines for maintenance, minimizing your customer's downtime and increasing their profit margins. Products available include: synchronous timing pulleys and belts, spur gears and gear rackV-Belt sheavestaper bushings (QD®, Taper-Lock®, and Double-Split Taper), and more. 








TGW machines precision mechanical and power transmission components to keep industries like aerospace, oil and gas, robotics, dental instruments and medical/health devies, military, 3D and laser printing, ACHE, computers, conveyors, and more efficiently. 


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