Precision Mechanical Components

Toronto Gear Works has been Canada’s leading manufacturer and distributor of precision mechanical components for over 50 years. TGW manufactures, distributes, and stocks many different types of precision mechanical components such as timing pulleys, timing belts, timing pulley stock, timing pulley flanges, spur gears, gear racks, drawn pinion wire, poly-v sheaves, roller chain sprockets, idler pulleys, idler sprockets, and tensioners.

Toronto Gear Works provides a wide variety of essential synchronous drive parts including timing belts and pulleys to a wide range of markets and industries including: Computers, Packaging, ATM, 3D Printing, Vending, Aerospace, Military, Medical devices, Robotics, and Floor Care. Toronto Gear is constantly adding new services, features, improvements, and products to better service the precision mechanical component industry.

Toronto Gear is not just the leading Canadian distributor of precision mechanical components. Toronto Gear also provides custom gears, gear racks, roller chain sprockets, and timing pulleys made from existing stock parts or made entirely from your custom specifications. Our Custom Shop options include a variety of finished bores, minimum plain bores, hub configurations, materials, plating, tooth counts, face widths, keyways, set screws, clamping hubs, and many other custom precision component options. In addition, Toronto Gear Works also can provide many hard to find custom timing belts in various belt widths, materials, and reinforcements. By providing these customizations, we are confident in solving your synchronous drive challenges with a custom precision mechanical component.

With Canada’s largest stock selection of spur gears, timing pulleys, and timing belts, Toronto Gear Works is the leading Canadian source for quality precision mechanical components.  With blanket orders and Just-In-Time delivery, we strive to continually reduce lead times and provide a robust mechanical component stock offering.

For more information on how Toronto Gear Works can provide solutions in motion, please contact us today and ask how we can help you. 

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