Trapezoidal Timing Pulleys & Belts

Trapezoidal Pulleys and Belts

At Toronto Gear Works, our trapezoidal pitch timing belt pulleys are renowned for being used for various industrial applications. Our manufacturing process ensures that these components are made with precision and attention-to-detail to offer minimal sprocket oscillation and a tailored press-fit to a shaft. We produce plain bores, finished bores, tapered bores and various custom iterations for QD bushings, Split Taper bushings, and Taper-Lock bushings to provide a large assortment of timing pulleys.

We offer over 370 standard timing belt lengths and various widths, MXL, LT, XL, L, H, XH, and XXH, for our trapezoidal pitch timing belts, the most widely used rubber synchronous belt model in the precision mechanical component and power transmission industries. Whether you need a small belt pitch size for precision, light-weight applications or a larger belt pitch size for large-scale, industrial use such as agricultural and HVAC equipment, our range of products gives you the option to best fit your needs.

Along with our large range of stock trapezoidal pulleys and belts, Toronto Gear Works has the ability to machine custom pulleys to your specifications or slit timing belts to your belt width need. For more information on how Toronto Gear Works can help you with your custom project, please contact our experienced sales engineers.


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