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Belt Tensioners

S-Series Tensioners are a type of two-bolt mounted tensioner with a rotating arm and adjusting slot. It has a serrated pad to prevent slippage.

GS-Series Tensioners are a mounted series with a flanged base. They also have a rotating arm and have serrated teeth on the base and arm to prevent slippage.

RS-Series Tensioners mount to a flat surface horizontal to the drive. They have a serrated angle mount base and a serrated 360 degree rotating arm. When the arm is rotated in the vertical position, a reach of five inches is attained from the bottom of the base to the centerline of the shaft.

G-Series Tensioners are a compact tensioner that mounts flush to any surface and has a fixed idler bracket. They support long chain and belt drives and can be used to reverse drive direction.

R-Series Tensioners are designed for mounting on top of flat surfaces and provide a horizontal positioned idler shaft.

T-Series Tensioners have an adjusting slot, serrated arm, and tension spring. They have a 360 degree arc for tensioning and have either a needle or ball bearing. They are high grade semi-steel casting and can support 22 pounds at the idler shaft center.

A-Series Tensioners are shaft mounted with a split in the arm base and a locking screw. They provide 360 degree arc positioning.

H-Series Tensioners are a two-bolt base mount tensioner that is adjustable with a screw.

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