Roller Chain & Timing Belt Sprockets

Toronto Gear Works offers a variety of roller chain sprockets, engineered with precision and quality, which serve the power transmission and precision mechanical component industries.

Our A-style sprockets accommodate No. 25 and No. 35 pitch chain.

Toronto Gear Works offers B-style finished bore sprockets that accommodate No. 25 pitch chain. All finished bore roller chain sprockets with a 0.500” bore or smaller are supplied with two set screws. All finished bore roller chain sprockets with bores 0.625” or greater have a standard keyway and two set screws. Finished bore roller chain sprockets have a keyway that is centered on the tooth and set screws that are located over the keyway at 90 degrees.

Our minimum plain bore (MPB) sprockets are produced from quality, high-grade materials, including:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel

We have a variety of pitches available for our MPB sprockets when space limits bushing use.

  • No. 25 (0.250" pitch)
  • No. 35 (0.375" pitch)
  • No. 40 (0.500" pitch)
  • No. 41 (0.500” pitch)
  • No. 50 (0.625” pitch)
  • No. 60 (0.750” pitch)

Toronto Gear Works also offers idler sprockets in a variety of sizes and options including double sprocket designs. Our idler sprockets feature needle bearings and are made from steel or iron and have clear zinc plating.

Custom roller chain sprockets are available. Customizations can include unusual tooth counts, different bore options including bores for QD, Split Taper, and or TL bushings, different materials such as stainless steel, or hardened teeth.

Roller chain sprocket part numbers can be determined as follows: 

Chain + (A for Hubless or B for Hub) + Number of Teeth

For example: 60B37 = 60 Chain + B for Hub + 37 Teeth

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