Powerhouse® Belt Drives & Gates Synchronous Drive Systems

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Toronto Gear Works produces a large variety of bushings, bores, configurations, tooth counts, and belt widths for its Powerhouse® HTD® timing belt pulleys, with industry standard pitches of 3 mm HTD®, 5 mm HTD®, 8 mm HTD®, and 14 mm HTD®. The Powerhouse™ HTD® drive systems are the first of its kind that characterize curvilinear tooth profiles. They are designed to generate essentially zero friction and are able to handle a large array of belt speeds. Higher load capacities, higher strength, and more firmness are benefits that the steel and iron versions of these drive systems have over the aluminum or plastic versions.

The Powerhouse® drive system is an improvement in performance, durability, product design, and overall capability over the older HT® standard system. The system is also fully compatible with the   PowerGrip® drive system. Minimized bearing loads, high speeds over 500 RPM, and more torque carrying capability are added benefits to the modified curvilinear tooth profile. The low tension requirements of the Powerhouse™ produce extended bearing life and excellent registration.

Where downtime is crucial, the Powerhouse® requires low maintenance and does not need to be re-tensioned or lubricated. These systems are becoming more prevalent in applications including food packaging machinery, material handling, wide format printers, vending kiosks, machine tooling, and ACHE (air cooled heat exchange). You get less noise and more power at a lower cost compared to other rubber synchronous belt drive systems. Toronto Gear Works offers Powerhouse® drives in pitches of 2 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm, and 14 mm that are a premium choice for high-speed industrial power transmission applications and can be interchangeable with competitors’ drives. 

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