Powerhouse® MX Pulley

Toronto Gear Works produces Powerhouse® MX pulleys for low-speed, high-torque applications. These pulleys are never made from sintered metal and always exceed industry standards. Sintered metal pulleys have lower mechanical and physical capabilities because of residual porosity and are harder to machine since they are more prone to fracturing and cracking.

While our competitors fashion pulleys in the usual 4 inch outside diameter range, we manufacture our Powerhouse® MX pulleys from gray iron at 9 inches in outside diameter. At a shorter outside diameter, gray iron is brittle and has a much lower tensile strength for certain applications. Compared to ductile iron, it also makes for a poor shock resistor.

At Toronto Gear Works, we offer finished bores with our Powerhouse® MX pulleys from stock. The Powerhouse® MX pulley contains fewer parts thus making it easier to assemble and also cheaper because it eliminates the need for the bushing. It results in a cost effective pulley that saves you money from buying a bushing and a bushing timing pulley.

The Powerhouse® MX pulleys are made to be compatible with Powerhouse® MX belts and Poly Chain® GT® belts and come in a variety of outside diameters, widths, tooth counts, and bores or bushings. They are also available in 5 mm, 8 mm, and 14 mm pitches.

You can gain performance while saving time and money with a POWERHOUSE® MX drive, an efficient system with high-quality belts and pulleys for long-term applications and demands. 

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