Poly-V Sheaves

Poly-V® sheaves feature ribs that run the length of the outside diameter rather than having teeth running across the face width of the sheave. Poly-V® synchronous drives are excellent drive systems when high speeds, small widths, and short distances are required due to their low operational noise and high efficiency. Poly-V® drives deliver up to 50% more power than conventional V-Belt drives. They can be used to provide increased drive capacity when an increase in face width is not possible. They can also be used in the same way to reduce the weight of the belt drive.

Toronto Gear Works produces steel Poly-V® belt sheaves coated in black oxide for 6 groove, 10 groove, and 16 groove J section Poly-V® belts.

Upon request, Toronto Gear Works is able to engineer custom, long-lasting, strong, and reliable Poly-V® sheaves to match any specific need or application based on the specifications you supply in a print, drawing, or detailed description.

Our custom Poly-V® sheaves are produced from quality raw materials that meet our high standards of approval and are some of the most versatile and dependable metals available, including:

  • SteelPoly V Sheaves
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum

 Features of custom Poly-V® belt sheaves can include:

  • Any number of grooves
  • Standard and custom keyseats
  • Split taper bushings
  • Standard QD or Taper-Lock bushings
  • Minimum plain bore or finished bores
  • Nearly any outside diameter

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