Poly-V Belt

Poly-V® belts are power transmission belts that feature ribs running the length of the belt instead of teeth that run across the belt. Poly-V® belts help to provide a compact synchronous drive with high power transmission capabilities and low maintenance costs.

These belts have a larger contact surface area than flat belt drives or standard V-Belt drives. This results in improved power transmission and allows for a more compact design with reduced belt widths and pulley diameters. The reduction in belt widths, pulley diameters, and belt lengths results in lower costs for set up, operation, and maintenance.

The low profile on Poly-V® belts provides increased flexibility, higher rotational speed at smaller diameters, and reduced heat buildup.

Poly-V® belts and sheaves are often found in appliances, machine tools, medical equipment, exercise gear, outdoor power equipment, and roller conveyors.

Toronto Gear Works Poly-V® belts meet today’s RMA standards of oil resistance, heat resistance, and static conductivity to deliver high performance on high speed, smaller-diameter sheaves. Poly-V® drives are effective and efficient in creating a smooth running, low-vibration, and quiet drive for a variety of high-speed applications.

Toronto Gear Works stocks Poly-V® belts in 6, 10, and 16 rib configurations from 8” pitch lengths to 70” pitch lengths. Other belt types, belt widths, and belt lengths are available on a made-to-order basis.

The Toronto Gear Works Poly-V® part number is constructed from the pitch length, the type of belt, and the number of ribs. For example, a 20.0” J section Poly-V® belt with 6 ribs has the part number: 200J6.

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