Machine & Conveyor Belts for Packaging Industry

packaging machine belts

The packaging industry uses timing belt pulleys, timing belts, and roller chain sprockets for a variety of applications: HVAC units, blowers, conveyor systems, pumps, mixers, dry reel vegetable tumblers and washers, and augers. The transition to timing belt systems from roller chain sprockets is a trend in the direction to reduce energy consumption, production contamination, and maintenance costs.

Companies are moving to switch floor conveyor systems from roller chain and roller chain sprockets to timing belts and timing belt pulleys because of the routine maintenance and lubrication associated with roller chain sprocket drive systems. Timing belt systems require less maintenance, are light, and do not demand lubricants. This becomes crucial in the food and beverage packaging industry.

Forward-thinking companies are moving to use Poly Chain® timing belts and timing pulleys with blowers and pumps, which are used to transport food and beverage products to the production floor, in place of V-Belts and V-Belt Sheaves in an effort to reduce maintenance costs associated with tensioning and friction and to lower energy consumption.

Innovative companies are choosing to make the move to Poly Chain® belt drives in an attempt to reduce replacement and maintenance costs with rooftop HVAC units. V-Belts and V-Belt Sheaves require consistent, expensive tension maintenance.

Progressive companies are starting to utilize new designs for dry reel vegetable tumblers and washer to take advantage of the busy canning season. They are working towards using more cost effective timing belt systems over roller chain sprockets.

In the food and beverage industry, operators are making the decision to switch from roller chain systems to cleaner gearbelt drives when working with mixers and augers as a move to avoid any product contamination. 

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