Minimum Plain Bore Sprockets

MPB Sprockets

At Toronto Gear Works, we deliver products that put emphasis on precision engineering and pristine manufacturing quality. Our minimum plain bore (MPB) roller chain sprockets are perfect for applications where a bushing’s maximum load is hindered due to space constrictions.

We offer A style (hubless) sprockets in pitches of #25 (0.250”), #35 (0.375”), and #40 (0.500”). These plate sprockets are offered from stock in steel.

Toronto Gear Works also offers B style (hub) sprockets in pitches of #25 (0.250”), #35 (0.375”), #40 (0.500”), #41 (0.500”), #50 (0.625”), and #60 (0.750”).  These minimum plain bore sprockets are offered from stock in steel.  We also offer stainless steel sprockets with minimum plain bores and hubs for #25 roller chain.

Roller chain sprocket part numbers can be determined as follows:

Chain + (A for Hubless or B for Hub) + Number of Teeth

For example, 35A112 is a roller chain sprocket made for use on a #35 chain. It is a type A sprocket meaning that it does not have a hub. It has 112 teeth.

In addition to this part number format, stainless steel sprockets are specified by adding a “SS
“ to the end of the part number, such as in a 25B25SS roller chain sprocket.

Check out our catalogue for our full line of MPB roller chain sprockets.

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