Imperial Pitch Belts

As a leading distributor of stock timing belts, we have stocking programs that provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with imperial pitch belts made of dependable, hard-working materials that come at a competitive price. Our easy-to-use catalog gives customers quick and easy access to popular and hard-to-find imperial pitch belts in all of today's most common pitches, including:
Custom Imperial Pitch Belts

MXL (0.080")

LT (0.0816”)

XL (0.200")

L (0.375")

H (0.500")

XH (0.875”)

XXH (1.250”)

Since Toronto Gear Works slits belts from sleeves of material onsite, custom widths are readily available with reduced lead times. Other custom belt options, such as special backing, heat-resistance, and oil resistance, are available on a made-to-order basis.

Several different types of material are also available. These include neoprene belts with fiberglass reinforcements, polyurethane belts with polyester reinforcements, and polyurethane belts with Kevlar reinforcements.

Also available from stock are double-sided belts in XL, L, and H pitches. This type of belt has teeth on both sides so it can transmit power to both driving surfaces. Double-sided belts allow the use of drive designs such as multipoint drives, serpentine drives, and rotation reversal on one belt.

Also available from stock are open-ended belting in XL, L, and H pitches and double-sided belts in XL, L, and H pitches.

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