Belt Idlers & Tensioners

The wear-and-tear of belts leaves them stretched with lower initial tension and a possibility of slipping, resulting in lower horsepower. Idlers and tensioners are used to restore the original tension of the drive through a form of take-up. The design of tensioners eases the adjustment of tension in all directions as tension requirements change – fixing the increased vibration and bearing wear that comes as chains wear down and elongate. With the proper tensioning, smoother, quieter, and more efficient drives help lessen the potential wear on the belt or chain.

Toronto Gear Works provides multiple styles of idlers and tensioners. Among these are idler pulleys, idler sprockets, idler bushings, and tensioner arms.

Toronto Gear Works offers idler pulleys in a variety of pitches. Toronto Gear Works provides steel or iron idler pulleys with needle bearings and black oxide plating.

Toronto Gear Works manufactures idler sprockets in a variety of pitches. These idler sprockets are offered in steel or iron with clear zinc plating and use needle bearings. Several double sprocket variations are also available from stock. There are also several idler sprockets offered without protruding hubs.

Toronto Gear Works is also a provider of idler bushings. Idler bushings are available in QD and Taper-Lock varieties. All of these idler bushings are offered with either needle or ball bearings.

Toronto Gear Works provides a large selection of tensioners in a variety of styles.  Among the tensioners available are A, G, GS, H, R, RS, and T series tensioners. Toronto Gear Works provides tensioners with various mounting methods, rotating arms, adjusting slots, adjust screws, and serrated teeth.

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