Toronto Gear Works produces a full range of stock aluminum and steel timing pulley flanges made in Canada. Our high-quality timing pulley flanges are optimal for:

  • Custom pulleys for specific applications
  • Quick and inexpensive prototypes
  • Unique material and performance specifications

They are available in custom and standard metric and U.S. (inch) pitches.

Pitches include:

  • MXL (0.080")Timing Pulley Flanges
  • LT (0.0816”)
  • XL (0.200")
  • L (0.375")
  • H (0.500")
  • T2.5
  • T5
  • T10
  • AT5
  • AT10
  • 3 MM Powerhouse™ HTD® (3M)
  • 5 MM Powerhouse™ HTD® (5M)
  • 8 MM Powerhouse™ HTD® (8M)
  • 2 MM Powerhouse™ (2P)
  • 3 MM Powerhouse™ (3P) 
  • 5 MM Powerhouse™ (5P)
  • 5 MM Powerhouse MX™ (5MX)

Contact one of our experienced sales engineers today to see how Toronto Gear Works can help you with your custom synchronous drive needs. Not only can we supply timing pulley flanges for your custom timing pulley, but we can also manufacture your custom timing pulleys for you from a print or detailed description.

Do you need multiple delivery dates throughout the year? Ask your sales engineer about blanket ordering options to take advantage of quantity discounts. Blanket orders satisfy recurring requirements, save time and reduce administrative costs by eliminating repetitive purchase orders, permit purchasing to leverage buying power through volume purchasing, and reduce procurement lead times. Blanket orders are a very efficient method of procuring recurring requirements of custom precision mechanical components.

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