Bar Stock

We have timing pulley stock available at request, with only Toronto Gear Works’ quality in mind. This is promised to ensure that you are given quick and economical manufacturing for any type of application: standard, custom, or prototype.

Our goal is to accommodate to your needs and bring you reliance on our materials and performance requirements. We are able to stock lengths up to 12” but can also provide longer lengths and custom tooth counts. There are no unique needs that can’t be met, whether it’s a quickly machined pulley for a low-risk, high-reward prototype or a standard pulley component.

Toronto Gear Works hobs timing pulleys and timing pulley bar stock to the published tooth profile standards of the Mechanical Power Transmission Association.

Timing pulley stock gives original equipment manufacturers the ability to machine and test their own pulleys for custom applications or prototyping new timing belt drive designs. Toronto Gear Works has bar stock available in metric and U.S. (inch) sizes.

  • MXL (0.080")Aluminum Bar Stock
  • LT (0.0816”)
  • XL (0.200")
  • L (0.375")
  • H (0.500")
  • T2.5
  • T5
  • T10
  • AT5
  • AT10
  • 3 MM Powerhouse™ HTD® (3M)
  • 5 MM Powerhouse™ HTD® (5M)
  • 8 MM Powerhouse™ HTD® (8M)
  • 2 MM Powerhouse™ (2P)
  • 3 MM Powerhouse™ (3P)
  • 5 MM Powerhouse™ (5P)

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