Bar Stock & Flanges

Timing pulley stock provides users the ability to machine their own custom timing pulleys. All of our timing pulley bar stocks are hobbed to the published tooth profile standards of the Mechanical Power Transmission Association. These were the standards agreed upon by B&B Manufacturing, the Gates Corporation, ContiTech, and many other industry leaders and MPTA members.

Timing pulley flanges are used to prevent belt slippage in timing belt drives. Timing pulley flanges are made to fit timing pulley bar stocks. OEMs and machine shops also have the ability to make custom timing pulleys with flanges.

Toronto Gear Works provides Canada with timing pulley bar stock and timing pulley flanges for:

  • Custom timing pulleys
  • Fast, cost-effective prototypes
  • Specific performance requirements
  • Specific material requirements

We offer timing pulley bar stock up to 18” in usable lengths with longer lengths and custom tooth counts available. Many pitches are available including trapezoidal pitches such as MXL, curvilinear pitches such as HTD drives, and modified curvilinear pitches such as Powerhouse™, which are compatible with PowerGrip® GT® products. Pulley bar stock is typically provided in steel or aluminum, but custom materials can be used, when needed.

Toronto Gear Works offers timing pulley flanges for its entire timing pulley bar stock offering. Timing pulley flanges are offered in steel and aluminum varieties.

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