ACHE Sprockets

Toronto Gear Works has expanded our ACHE Sprocket offering to allow for possible reducer elimination or reduction. 


Taper-Lock® ACHE sprockets have a longer bore length in order to withstand high torque. They are designed with extra mass around the shaft so that the sprockets remain stable. However, TGW's ACHE offering is mainly QD® bushed. The QD® design transmits the required torque without unnecessary, additional weight around the shaft. This provides the benefits of reduced bearing and overhung loads. 

 ache sprocket diagram

Larger sized sprockets are offered in HTD® to ensure proper chordal action. Chordal action is the rise and fall of the belt tooth in and out of the sprocket teeth. Without correct belt-sprocket tooth engagement, products can get caught, slip, or fall between the belt and sprocket.





ACHE Sprockets are used in cooling and condensing in industries like: Oil and Gas production, processing, and transport; HVAC; Power generation, and more.

 ache sprocket with belt  ache sprockets   rooftop hvac system


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