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70-5M15M6A12, Timing Pulley

70-5M15M6A12 - Aluminum Powerhouse®HTD® Pulleys


70-5M15M6A12, Timing Pulley, Aluminum, Clear Anodized,

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Product Number 70-5M15M6A12
Teeth 70
Tooth Style HTD 5mm
For Belt Width (mm) 15
Type 6
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized
Bore Type Finished Bore
Bore Description 12 mm Finished Bore
Bore (mm) 12.00
Pitch Diameter (in) 4.386
Outside Diameter (in) 4.341
Pulley Belt Width (mm) 15.00
Unit System Metric
P.D. (mm) 111.00
O.D. (mm) 110.30
Face Width (mm) 19.80
Overall Length (mm) 30.10
Hub Diameter (mm) 38.10
Weight (lb) 0.75
Part Number Cross Reference A 6A25M070NF1512, A6A25M070NF1512, 70-5M15M6A12
Set Screw Quantity 2