Geared to Help

Posted on May 17, 2019

Having a variety of machines allows Toronto Gear Works to better suit the needs of our customers who might be searching for unique or custom requirements. Our HAAS ST-10Y CNC and HAAS ST-30 CNC machines provide us with milling, drilling, and tapping capabilities while maintaining a low footprint and high flexibility. Teeth in gears are hobbed by the Barber Colman Gear Hobber. We have three Grizzly Drill Presses that can perform customized drilling, tapping, and other secondary functions. The teeth on our parts are cut by our Maxicut Gear Shaper. Complex grinding operations on hobs and tooling are performed by our Cutter Grinder and Hob Grinder. Our six foot Rack Shaper and Sykes Rack Shapers cut the teeth in our gear rack, allowing us to do in-house rack modifications. Lastly, our Famco Keyway Press provides custom broaching abilities to further assist our customers. TGW utilizes our machining capabilities to provide our customers with not only stock items off the shelf but hard-to-find, quality products within a more rapid turn-around time as well. Contact Toronto Gear Works to see what we can manufacture for you today or how we can be of service to your needs!

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